Vic DiCara's Books on Astrology

27 Stars, 27 Gods
The Astrological Mythology of Ancient India

Vic's radically clear and straightforward explanations of Sanskrit terms and Vedic mythology, pervasive access to original Vedic literature, and deep intuitive grasp of astrological symbolism transforms our understanding and appreciation for the astrology of ancient India, and delights with deep revelations and rare expositions of familiar gods like Viṣṇu, less-familiar gods like Varuṇa, and nearly forgotten gods like Ajaikapāt - all of whom inhabit and empower their relative nakṣatra (fixed constellations).

Paperback ($27) Kindle ($10)

27 Stars, 27 Gods
Dieter Koch

Dieter Koch
Indologist and Archaeoastronomer, Co-creator of the Swiss Ephemeris

"If there is anything Vedic and spiritual about Hindu astrology, then this is the book that can teach us about it. Vic leads us into the wonderful depths of Vedic wisdom by relating the myths connected with each of the 27 lunar mansions and their deities. Using this approach, this book goes considerably deeper than other Jyotish textbooks I have seen. Warmly recommended, even to non-astrologers! Can we hope for follow-up book about the Hindu planetary deities?"

Dennis Harness

Dennis M. Harness, Ph.D.
Psychologist, Writer and Vedic Astrologer

"Vic DiCara's exploration and definitive research on the lunar mansions brings the primordial zodiac alive with the rich symbolism and sacred stories of Indian lore. We often forget that the basis of Vedic astrology will always be the mystical mythology associated with Jyotish, the science of light. Mr. DiCara's brilliant text illuminates our path home to the divine through his deep understanding and the blessings of the gods and goddesses of ancient India"

Juliana Swanson

Juliana Swanson, RN
ACVA Teacher, Jyotish Visharada & Kovid

"27 Stars, 27 Gods is a fantastically deep book about the fixed stars of Vedic astrology. It is well written and well researched, and is a clear and enjoyable read! I highly recommend it for everyone from astrologers to yogis and everyone in between."

Sacinandana Swami

Sacinandana Swami
Vaiṣṇava Guru & Sannyāsī

"27 Stars 27 Gods can be a reference book in the hands of an experienced astrologer, but it is also a self improvement tool for any reader interested in exploring life in depth. It presents symbols, mythology, ancient storytelling and divine lila in language that immediately catches one's interest and speaks to us like a friend – never prescriptive, but always revealing our opportunities."

Beautiful Tales of the All-Attractive, Vol. 2

Beautifully Rational Philosophy of Astrology

Vic scientifically explains the logic behind why and how prediction of the future is plausible, and elaborately reveals the beauty, rationale, and divine love at the root of destiny. In this book, he firmly establishes the intellectual, scientific, and spiritual significance of Astrology, clarifying its true merit and worth, and thus establishing its ongoing relevance and validity in the modern world.

Paperback ($8) Kindle ($4)
Ryan Kurczak

Ryan Kurczak

"DiCara’s book strikes at the heart of what it means to practice Vedic Astrology properly in the current age. His words resound with experience, wisdom and practicality. I will recommend this book for any client or student who is serious about learning what it is to be a true Vedic Astrologer. Astrology can take its place as a science only after we come to terms with the reality of its possibilities and its limitations. From there, astrological scientists will be better able rebuild our capacity to interpret the cosmic intelligence as it is revealed through astrological insight. Vic DiCara outlines a beautifully rational philosophical approach to begin the task! This small book is a must read for all of us who are interested in and in love with the practice of astrology."

Ryan Kurczak is the Co-Author of the Art and Science of Vedic Astrology Volumes I and II, an ordained Kriya Yoga teacher, and astrologer with Asheville Vedic Astrology.

Dennis Harness

Dennis Harness

"Vic DiCara helps his readers walk the mystical path with practical feet. In this book, The Beautifully Rational Philosophy of Astrology, Vic casts a light on many misunderstood or forgotten principles of astrology. Explaining that Free-will creates destiny, Vic echoes the master, Yogananda. And he echoes the revered Dr. BV Raman by explaining that happiness is the prime goal of life, and a good astrologer must leave the client with a wiser hope to attain it. His practical advice on 'fortune-tellers,' the relationship between astrologer and the client, and the importance of staying in the now during readings all really resonate with my own approach to astrological counseling. I consider this a most valuable book for astrologers and clients alike."

Dennis M. Harness, Ph.D. is a psychologist, author and important Vedic astrologer.

Lynda Hill

Lynda Hill

"The title of this book is totally apt - Vic DiCara has written a beautifully rational book about astrology. It is a delight to read, and it answers a lot of the questions we might have always wanted to ask, along with some questions we may not have even thought of before. It is a great and worthy contribution to the Work of Astrology."

Lynda Hill is a world-renowned expert on the Sabian Symbols.

Steven J. Rosen

Steven J. Rosen

"Vic DiCara (Vraja Kishor) has done it again, this time by focusing on the science of astrology. In this wonderfully readable book, he makes his apparently dodgy subject accessible and approachable, connecting it to all facets of Vedic wisdom, and in turn allowing his readers to see its original context and purpose. The net result is that he successfully takes astrology out of its usual hiding places -- the disrepute of charlatans and the doubt of skeptics -- and situates it squarely where it belongs: among the respected sciences of the ancient world. In other words, this is a book that will revolutionize your view of this much maligned system of knowledge. In fact, I dare you to read it!"

Steven J. Rosen (Satyaraja Dasa) is the author of over 30 books on Vedic wisdom, associate editor of Back to Godhead Magazine, and senior editor of the Journal of Vaishnava Studies.


Complete Birth Chart Reading

The most ind-epth birth chart reading, done by very thoroughly interpreting your three most important planets, and with a focus on your key questions or focus areas.

Delivered in a written or recorded form, per your preference. $360

Delivered as 2 personal 1-hour Skype sessions. $500

Essentials of your Chart

A through interpretation of the most important planet in your chart, in light of the overall chart context, and with a focus on your key questions or focus areas.

Delivered in a written or recorded form, per your preference. $200

Delivered as a personal 1-hour Skype session. $300

Followup Readings

Freeform reading to answer whatever questions you have or whatever new topics you want to explore. Requires that we have first done either an 'Essentials' or 'Exhaustive' reading.

Delivered in a written or recorded form, per your preference. $60

Delivered as a personal 1-hour Skype session. $100

Marriage Readings

More than a compatibility assessment this reading also looks at the individual marriage karma in each chart to uncover the most likely outcomes of a long term romantic relationship.

Delivered in a written or recorded form, per your preference. $200

Delivered as a personal 1-hour Skype session. $300

Timings: Daśā or Sub-Daśā

An exploration of the themes, lessons, and likely events of any given time phase ('daśā' or 'sub-daśā') in your chart.

Delivered in a written or recorded form, per your preference. $200

Delivered as a personal 1-hour Skype session. $300

Yearly Solar Return

A Persian technique (preserved in India) to explore the themes, lessons, and likely events of a year of your life, from one birthday to the next.

Delivered in a written or recorded form, per your preference. $200

Delivered as a personal 1-hour Skype session. $300


Birthchart Overview

These reports, generated by my personal formulae and interpretations, effectively enumerate and introduce the key features of your birth chart.

Select the components to include:

Basic Information ($10)

  • Beautiful renditions of your birth chart.
  • Simple graphs reveal the positivity and relative importance of each planet in your horoscope.
  • Classical Vedic aspects (and conjunctions) to planets and houses calculated by exact degree.
  • 120-year daśā cycles and subcycles (calculated with nakṣatra year-lengths).
  • Succinct explanations of the most important factors in your horoscope.

Planetary Alignments ($5)

    I identify and explain the combinations & alignments ("yogas") that apply to your horoscope; selected from approximately 200 classical yogas and the 144 possible house-and-lord combinations.

Elements & Modes ($5)

    Experimental report on the psychology of your elemental, modal, and tri-guṇa balance.

Classical Texts ($20)

    Translation and thorough explanation of what classical Indian Sanskrit texts say about your signs, houses, lordships, and yogas.

Compatibility Report

A thorough report on the natural romantic compatibility between two people. Interpretations are based on tropical sign and aspectual relationships between the Ascendant, Moon, Venus and Sun; as well as the sidereal (nakṣatra) relationships between the couple's Moons. The nature of Mars is also described ("Kuja Doṣa").

Order ($19) »

Please read this article to get a sense of what a compatibility reading does or doesn't do. For a much more sure and comprehensive form of this, please scroll down to order the "Marriage" reading.

Astrology Classes w/ Vic


Level One

Gain unsurpassed clarity on the essential fundamental astrological symbols.

Short form

  1. Raionale of Astrology
  2. Planets (2 classes)
  3. Signs (2 classes)
  4. Houses (2 classes)

Tuition: $350 by Skype, $160 by email.

Long form

  1. Raionale of Astrology
  2. Planets (9 classes)
  3. Signs (12 classes)
  4. Houses (12 classes)

Tuition: $1,320 by Skype, $600 by email.


Level Two

Combine astrological symbols to synthesize solid and reliable baseline interpretations.

Four Modules:

  1. Planets in Signs (8 classes)
  2. Planets in Houses (8 classes)
  3. Lords in Houses (12 classes)
  4. Yogas - Classical Combinations (8 classes)

Tuition: $400/module by Skype, $200/module by email.


Level Three

Prioritize the factors in a horoscope to arrive at confident, wholistic and truly individualized interpretations.

Open ended tutoring, tailored to your focuses and needs in the following areas:

  1. Planetary Positivity - how to calculate the postive or negative disposition of any planet, and adjust your baseline interpretations accordingly.
  2. Planetary Impact - how to calculate the relative importance of each planet, and focus your reading accordingly.
  3. Aspects - how to calculate and interpret classical planetary aspects.
  4. Subdivisions (Aṁśa) - how to use the aṁśa for interpretations.

Tuition: $275/month by Skype (1 session per week), $140/month by email.

To enroll in any course, contact me


At all levels, tutoring involves one-to-one sessions with me, supplimented with course notes and visual aids.

Level one is also available as pre-recorded classes: 46 class sessions as audio files (approximately 6 hours of content), visual aids, notes, "homework" questions, answer key. Can be used as a stand-alone course, or as additional material to reinforce the personal tutoring. Click to order ($36)


What system of astrology do you use?

Classical Vedic, not contemporary- or neo- Vedic.

What zodiac system do you use?

I use the classical Vedic zodiac. Few people realize that this specifies tropical signs (rāśī) and sidereal constellations (nakṣatra).

Please be aware of this!

How long does it take?

For a Report, please allow 1-3 days. For a personal reading, please allow 2-3 weeks.

Is PayPal the only payment option?

You can use standard credit cards through PayPal. If you've got something else in mind, contact me.

$USD only?

I list the prices in USD, but PayPal allows you to pay the equivalent in your local currency.

What if I am unsure of my birth time?

If you're not sure by a few minutes, it's usually not too much of a big deal - to be frank. You can tell me about yourself and I can quickly select the best time. However, if your uncertainty is greater than a few minutes, try to research it (call the hospital where you were born, or the government agency that keeps such records, etc.) If all that fails we can try to figure it out astrologically in a personal reading, or leverage factors that aren't very sensitive to the exact time.

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